Sharpen Your Stand-Up at Open Mics: Tips for New Comedians

Hey aspiring comedians! If you’re just starting out in stand-up comedy, open mics are going to be your best friend. Performing at open mics is crucial for working out your material and getting comfortable on stage. As intimidating as it can be at first, embracing open mics is the fastest way to grow as a comedian.

In this post, I’ll share some tips on how to make the most of open mics to develop your comedy skills. Let’s dive in!

Choose the Right Open Mics:

  • Look for beginner-friendly mics that are lower pressure and have a supportive audience. Avoid ultra-competitive mics at first.
  • Join Facebook groups or Meetups to find local open mics in your area. Look for mics with a good reputation.
  • Sign up for virtual open mics on to get stage time from anywhere. Great for extra practice!

Prepare and Practice Your Material:

  • Write at least 5 minutes of original material to start out. Memorize your jokes well before going on stage.
  • Time your set and tweak it to fit the time limit (usually 3-5 mins for open mics). Go slightly under so you don’t get cut off.
  • Practice your delivery out loud at home to get comfortable with your jokes. Record yourself to spot areas for improvement.

Connect with Other Comics:

  • Arrive early to chat with other comics. Exchange tips and bond over funny stories.
  • Supportively cheer for other comedians. Laugh at their jokes and learn from what works for them.
  • Stick around after your set to exchange feedback and advice with fellow comics. Be humble and keep learning.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Process:

  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, especially starting out. Focus on continuing to learn and grow.
  • Be yourself on stage and let your personality shine through. Audiences respond well to authenticity.
  • Embrace the experience fully! Open mics help you build confidence and thicken your skin. Enjoy the rush of being on stage.

Keep Trying and Improving:

  • Get on stage consistently – at least a few times per month. Repetition breeds improvement in comedy.
  • Review recordings of your sets to see where you can tighten up jokes, improve timing, or enhance your delivery.
  • Write new jokes regularly and rotate them into your set. Continually refine your best material and retire jokes that aren’t working.

Doing open mics is the best way to quickly level up your skills as a stand-up comedian. Follow these tips to maximize your growth and have fun getting started! Don’t get discouraged – comedy is a marathon, not a sprint. Stick with it, keep learning and improving, and you’ll be wowing audiences in no time. Now get out there and grab that mic!