Top Places To Find Online Comedy Open Mics

Are you a budding comedian looking for a platform to showcase your talent? With the rise of virtual events, online comedy open mics have become a fantastic opportunity for comedians to perform and connect with audiences from the comfort of their own homes. In this article, we will explore various ways on how you can find an online comedy open mic and get yourself onto the virtual stage.

What are the different days when online comedy open mics are available?


Many online comedy open mics are held on Sundays, making it a popular day for both performers and audiences. This is a great day to kick back, relax, and enjoy some laughter to end the week on a high note.


Another popular day for online comedy open mics is Thursday. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your comedic skills and make people laugh as they gear up for the weekend.


Friday nights are all about unwinding and having some fun. Online comedy open mics on Fridays gives you the chance to start the weekend off with laughter and connect with fellow comedians and comedy enthusiasts.


Wednesdays are a mid-week break and serve as a great opportunity to perform at an online comedy open mic. It’s a chance to inject some humor into the week and make people’s hump day a little more bearable.

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Where can I find a list of online comedy open mics?

One of the best resources to find details about online comedy open mics is This website provides a comprehensive list of upcoming virtual comedy events, allowing you to browse through different dates and pick the ones that suit you.

Comedy club websites

Many comedy clubs have shifted their operations to the virtual realm and now host online comedy open mics. Check out the websites of your favorite comedy clubs to find information on their virtual events and open mic nights.

Online comedian forums

Join online comedian forums and communities to get firsthand information about upcoming online comedy open mics. These platforms not only provide details about open mic opportunities but also serve as a space to connect with fellow comedians and exchange ideas.

How can I sign up to perform at an online comedy open mic?

Contact the host or organizer

Once you find an online comedy open mic that interests you, reach out to the host or organizer for sign-up details. They will provide you with necessary information on how to secure a spot and perform at the event.

Send an email with your details and material

Many organizers prefer to receive email submissions for sign-ups. Craft a well-written email introducing yourself as a comedian and include details such as your name, contact information, and a brief description of your comedy experience or style. Don’t forget to attach any relevant comedy material or links to your performances.

Check if there is a sign-up form on the website or platform

Some online comedy open mics may have a sign-up form available right on their website or platform. Fill out the form with the necessary information and submit it according to the instructions provided.

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What information should I include when signing up for an online comedy open mic?

Your name

Make sure to include your full name when signing up for an online comedy open mic. This will help the organizers identify you easily and add you to their performer roster.

Your contact information

Provide your email address and phone number so that the organizers can reach out to you with any updates or specific instructions regarding the event.

A brief description of your comedy experience or style

Add a short description of your comedic background or style to give the organizers an idea of what to expect from your performance. This will help them curate a diverse lineup and ensure audience engagement.

Are there any charges for participating in online comedy open mics?

Some open mics may have a small fee for performers

While many online comedy open mics are free to participate in, some may charge a small fee for performers. This fee is often used to cover the administrative costs of organizing and hosting the event. Make sure to read the event details carefully to determine if there are any associated charges.

Others may be free to participate

Luckily, there are also numerous online comedy open mics that are free to participate in. These events provide an inclusive platform for aspiring comedians without any financial barriers.

Check the details provided for each open mic

Always review the event details for any information regarding charges. If there are any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to the organizers for clarification.

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Can I add a new online comedy open mic to the list?

Yes, if you know of an open mic not listed, you can contact the website or platform to suggest adding it

If you come across an online comedy open mic that is not listed on the platforms mentioned earlier, you can reach out to the respective website or platform and suggest adding it to their database. Your contribution will be valuable in expanding the directory and giving more comedians the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Provide the necessary details such as the day, time, and contact information for the open mic

When suggesting a new online comedy open mic, make sure to provide all the relevant details, including the day of the week, start time, contact information, and any other information that might be necessary for performers to sign up or prepare for their performance.