Sharpen Your Stand-Up at Open Mics: Tips for New Comedians

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Want to improve your stand-up comedy skills? This post provides tips for making the most of open mics to develop your jokes, polish your delivery, gain stage experience, connect with fellow comics, and boost your confidence as a new comedian. Learn how to choose the right open mics, prepare your set, have fun on stage, and keep improving through repetition and feedback.

The Top USB Mics for Dominating Your Online Comedy Gigs

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Reviews the best USB microphones under $150 for sounding professional during online open mics and virtual comedy gigs. The Blue Yeti, Shure MV5, Samson Q2U, Audio-Technica AT2020USB+, and FIFINE K670 make the list. Includes tips for optimizing mic technique

Top Places To Find Online Comedy Open Mics

Top online comedy open mics.

Discover how to find comedy open mics online and take your comic talent to the virtual stage. Explore the best days for comedy performances, trusted platforms for open mics listings, and how comedians can sign up. Whether you’re a budding comedian or a seasoned comic, get all the info on open mic nights and make the online audience laugh!

Online vs. In-Person Comedy Open Mics: The Laughter Spectrum

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If laughter is the best medicine, stand-up comedy is the syringe delivering that remedy straight into the heart. As stand-up comedy evolves, the way comedians deliver their punchlines and test their material is changing. The world has witnessed a significant rise in online open mics, especially with the advent of digital platforms and the global … Read more