The Top USB Mics for Dominating Your Online Comedy Gigs

If you’re a comedian looking to take your act virtual, having the right USB microphone is key for sounding truly professional during online open mics and virtual comedy gigs.

As an experienced comedy coach, I’ve tested a ton of USB mics to find the best options for reproducing your jokes with smooth, flawless audio. Whether you’re on a budget or ready to invest in studio-quality sound, this list has a great USB mic pick for your online comedy needs.

I’ll also share some pro tips for perfecting your microphone technique during online performances. Dialing in these details will help you sound like a seasoned pro. Let’s dive in and get you equipped with the best USB mic for killing it on Zoom, Twitch, or any virtual comedy stage!

The Best Overall: Blue Yeti

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When it comes to the best blend of studio-quality sound, versatile features, and a reasonable price point, the Blue Yeti is my top choice as the best overall USB mic for online comedy.

The Yeti has become a streaming staple for good reason – its tri-capsule condenser design allows you to switch between four useful polar pattern settings to optimize sound pickup:

  • Cardioid mode is ideal for podcasts, game streaming, voiceovers or any situation where you want to record sound sources directly in front of the mic.
  • Stereo mode captures immersive left and right-channel audio if you have multiple sound sources.
  • Omnidirectional picks up 360-degree sound from around the mic. Great for conference calls or instruments.
  • Bidirectional mode records from the front and back of the mic, useful for two-person interviews or dual mic comedy acts.

This polar pattern flexibility gives you tons of options for dialing in the perfect sound during virtual standup sets. Plus the Yeti provides studio-quality 24 bit/192 kHz sound at an affordable sub-$150 price point.

For versatility, sound quality, and value, the Blue Yeti is hands-down the best all-around USB microphone for online comedy.

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The Best for Portability: Shure MV5

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If you’re looking for maximum portability to easily take your mic on the road, check out the Shure MV5. Despite its ultra-compact size, this handy USB and iOS microphone punches above its weight in sound quality and features.

Inside the MV5’s durable metal chassis is an expertly tuned condenser capsule that provides surprisingly warm, clear, and detailed audio reproduction. Everything from your jokes to crowd work will come through with lifelike clarity.

The integrated headphone monitoring jack allows you to hear your sound in real-time without latency delays. Useful for dialing in optimal mic positioning on the fly.

The MV5 also has useful onboard DSP features like a Mid-Speech Clarity button to optimize speech intelligibility, ideal for punchline delivery. There are also built-in EQ presets for tuning your sound, whether you’re going sans windscreen or need an extra bass boost.

When portability is a priority, the Shure MV5 gives you pro-level comedy audio in a road-ready mini package.

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The Best Budget Pick: Samson Q2U

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If you’re looking for the best comedy mic sound quality under $80, check out the Samson Q2U. This surprisingly great USB and XLR microphone punches way above its affordable price point.

Despite costing just over $70, the Q2U is a studio-grade dynamic microphone on par with mics costing twice as much or more. It provides rich, broadcast-ready sound thanks to its tight polar pattern that minimizes room reverberation.

The dual USB and XLR connectivity gives you flexibility. Plug directly into a laptop for online gigs or use with a mixer/interface for more advanced setups. Being able to go XLR gives you a clear upgrade path as your comedy pursuits become more professional.

The Samson Q2U also features a switchable EQ to optimize sound for speech vs music applications. When set to the “Speech” position, it sculpts tonality for maximum intelligibility – perfect for nailing punchlines.

For budget-friendly studio sound quality, the Samson Q2U is hands-down the best bang for your buck.

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The Best for Vocals: Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

Microphone, desk

If vocal clarity is your top priority, check out the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+. This condenser USB mic delivers incredibly crisp, detailed reproduction tailor-made for comedy vocals, podcasts, and voiceovers.

The custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm provides excellent transient response for accurately capturing every nuance, inflection, and joke delivery. High overloading handling also means you can nail loud punchlines without distortion.

The cardioid polar pattern ensures isolation of your voice while minimizing background ambience. This creates an intimate, up-close audio signature perfect for streaming comedy direct to your audience.

Need to share a mic with a comedy partner? No problem. The AT2020USB+ features a mix control that blends your incoming signal for recording duets or interviews.

If you’re willing to spend around $150 for top notch vocal reproduction, the Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ will make your comedy sound spectacular online.

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The Best Low Budget: FIFINE K670

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If you’re just starting out in online comedy and looking for a good USB microphone under $30, check out the FIFINE K670. This budget USB condenser mic delivers surprisingly decent audio quality considering its ultra-affordable price point.

While not a studio-grade mic, the K670 still provides clear, pleasing reproduction for things like live streaming, video calls, or open mic practice. It has a tighter cardioid polar pattern than you’d expect for isolating your voice from ambient sounds.

The plug-and-play USB connectivity with no drivers required makes it super simple to use with a laptop for online gigs. For under $30, it’s a great entry-level option for new comics before investing in a high-end microphone.

Just keep your expectations realistic at this price, and the FIFINE K670 can be a solid USB mic for starting out with online and virtual comedy.

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Mic Technique Tips for Online Comedy Gigs

Once you’ve selected the best USB mic for your comedy needs, proper microphone technique is crucial for sounding your absolute best:

  • Position the mic close, about 3-6 inches from your mouth. This provides optimal sound isolation and clarity without plosives.
  • Use a foam or mesh pop filter. This minimizes breath blasts and reduces pops on hard P and B sounds.
  • Speak directly into the mic at a fixed distance. This results in consistent tone and levels.
  • Reduce ambient sound by closing windows, turning off devices, using noise gates if available. This gives your voice clarity.
  • For portable mics, use a mic stand to maintain ideal positioning. Don’t hold the mic or move it around which can cause fluctuations.
  • During virtual shows, mute your mic when not speaking to avoid background noise leakage.
  • Consider acoustic treatment panels to reduce room echo and muddy reverb if recording in an untreated space.

Dialing in these details will take your online comedy audio to the next level. Your tight jokes will land with maximum impact when listeners can clearly hear every word.

Boost Your Online Comedy with a Top-Notch USB Mic

Having the right microphone setup makes a huge difference when performing comedy online. The USB mics in this list offer flexibility for any budget. With options starting under $30 up to $150+, there’s a great mic here no matter where you’re at with your comedy career.

Remember to optimize positioning and reduce ambient sound for clean, professional audio. Apply these tips and you’ll sound like a seasoned pro for any virtual open mic or online comedy gig.

Now get out there, be funny, and absolutely crush your next online performance! Let me know if you have any other comedy audio questions.